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My name is Sarah Rebecca Vine and I created my Earth Angel Sanctuary with love and a desire to be of bigger service to the world and be with you 'In Spirit'.

I recognised myself as an 'earth angel' a long time ago… when I first became a life coach in 2008, I realised how many others did not know they was one too. So I set out to wake as many up to this aspect as I could, creating my first earth angel realm free report (based on information offered by Doreen Virtue) to share with those who needed to hear it from me and setting up a closed Earth Angel Facebook Group to start connecting others.

In 2014 I set up this Sanctuary as a way to be ‘inspirit’ with earth angels all over the world and offer healing videos to assist in clearing negative emotions and beliefs and teach empowerment techniques to build confidence whilst my children were young.

There is a ton of videos of me inside to help and support you when you need it the most.

It has grown, as I have since then and it is reflected within.

It like a library of over 200 resources to support you, no matter what level you are at or how much you know.

Because we are spiritual beings having a human experience and we have come here to learn things, it is a journey for us all. The Sanctuary has been created to assist you in each step and is broken down into different levels.


'Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment' 

Stephen Covey


"Your youtube video "What is an Earth Angel & are you one?" saved me falling from earth to hell. With the introduction of Sanctuary I felt I am not alone and not crazy with my stories and experiences, that I belong to a group of like-minded people. It is a family where we can share our inner self and feel safe at the same time, learn and grow and to add loving energies to the world. With the help of the Sanctuary i'm doing my best to live on this earth as we do here in this Sanctuary. Thank you Sarah and thank you all for being here!"

Marianna Nackina, Hungary


See if you resonate or get a YES to any of these...


  • Are you feeling lonely in your 'awakening' and being on this new path?
  • Do you feel different and misunderstood by others around you?
  • Would you like some support, love and encouragement?
  • Do you know you are here for a reason and want to be more on purpose and happier?
  • Would you like to be connected to others to talk with and gain insight and acceptance from?
  • Do you feel like you have 'been here before' and that this may be effecting your life now?
  • Do you struggle with your own negative emotions (like worry, fear, anger, depression etc)?
  • Do you lack confidence and have doubt in yourself and what you are really here for?
  • Are you having lots of unresolved stuff coming up even things you thought you had dealt with?
  • Do you know you have things that need healing within you as they are effecting your life and relationships?
  • Do you have fear moving forwards as you have no idea what steps to take?
  • Have you already done lots of work on yourself or drawn to working on yourself?
  • Do you just want to help others yet know deep down you want help and support too?
  • Do you have gifts and don’t know what to do with or how to develop them?
  • Do you have questions or topics you want to discuss and no one to ask?
  • Do you have past stuff you thought you had dealt with resurfacing?
  • Do you have blocks that you are unsure how to shift?
  • Do you feel powerless with what to do to help yourself?
  • Have you felt like just going 'home' sometimes?
  • Do you get signs, synchronicities and nudges from the Universe?
  • Are you willing to listen and trust?


Relax, you are in the right place (and I believe in Divine Timing...)


"The Earth Angel Sanctuary an incredible resource that's aided my growth and development in ways I never could've imagined when I first joined, as well as being a safe, caring and loving community of like minded Earth Angels of all realms that have been a constant source of support, connection and love"

Alex Lane, Australia



How AMAZING would it feel if you had:


  • Regular live calls with support, guidance, healing and empowerment with myself and other members?
  • A special high vibrational healing and loving space where I am with you inspirit?
  • A whole library of videos to immediately shift negative energy, vows and attachments?
  • Clarity around simple techniques, rituals and practices to empower you?
  • Videos to take control of how you are feeling in the moment (when you can't yourself)?
  • Recordings to teach and share all kinds of information with you, you just go with what you are drawn to?
  • To grow in confidence, self esteem and belief in yourself?
  • Connection to a community of earth angels, light workers and old souls who 'get' you? (in our private facebook group)
  • To feel safe, supported and totally loved and accepted therefore more positive and empowered?
  • To have personal support with myself via facebook and 121 support when you need it?




There are 3 LEVELS you can choose from in the Sanctuary:


The Earth Angel Sanctuary is a paid membership site (request for appreciation) and has 3 Membership Levels to suit where you are on your path right now and the support you would like.

If you are ready and willing to start healing and valuing YOU, you are in the right place!




Level 1 - Earth Angel Beginner 

Essential Basics

If you are new to the whole concept of Earth Angels and personal development, watch videos covering all the Essential Basic techniques to start using in 10 short how to Tutorials. There is also 6 x 1 hour recordings from live calls covering the essential basics in much more detail sharing techniques and clearing any 'blocks' you may have around them too.

Emergency S.O.S Energy Clearing

Short videos for you to watch IN THE MIDST OF A NEGATIVE EMOTION that you are experiencing to get you to a better feeling place fast. There are 22 emergency videos including clearing Anger, Overwhelm, Guilt, Stress, feeling Powerless and Helpless, Worry and Frustration.

Energy Maintenance

As Earth Angels are highly sensitive, this important aspect of the Sanctuary is created especially for your energy maintenance and includes 5 videos you can use daily/weekly to clear psychic energy attacks, hooks, negative energy, spirit attachments (wayward spirits) and a video cutting cords for you until you are confident in doing so yourself.

Rituals Library

This Library has Morning and Evening Rituals that include energy clearing videos to start and end each day and suggested power practices. It also has New and Full Moon Rituals plus videos to clear any resistance you may have to doing the rituals!

Empowerment Tutorial Library

This library has over 25 short, simple and empowering tutorials to talk you through from the essential basics to much more advanced personal development tools, techniques and processes you can use on yourself. These will enhance your knowledge and confidence, deepen your intuition, connection and self belief. (More info here)

Energy Inner Growth Library

This library has 25 videos using advanced energy clearing techniques to support you in your inner growth and letting go of old emotions that you do not need. It is a great place to spend some time in and work through each video. It covers different emotions such as guilt, fears and doubts etc and beliefs.

Past Life Vow Library

Past Life Vows (and vows we can take in this life) can hold us back in so many ways! With over 30 Vows including some of the most common ones such as the Vow of Poverty, Vow of Struggle and Vow of Invisibility plus the less common ones that most also have...

Replays Library

Over 50 hours of recordings of past live Q&A calls and topic calls.  (More info on past calls here). Although level 1 membership does not currently offer live calls, you get access to the majority of past recordings plus at least 1 new recording a month.

Priority Availability

As a member of the Sanctuary, you also get priority availability on private 121 sessions with Sarah.

Bonus: The Earth Angel Training Academy downloadable PDF

An extra bonus is a FREE download of the book 'The Earth Angel Training Academy'. A place you are sure to recognise and resonate with, this is the first book in the Earth Angel Series by amazing author Michelle Gordon.


"I'm just now able to take the time, yesterday and today to get into the sanctuary and look around and dabble a little here and there and I just want to say I can't believe all of the amazing information that you have in there. Its like a little tucked away gem that I've been dreaming of for support and inspiration such a blessing!!!"

Melissa, US


All of this is available to you 24/7, for when you need it most and when you have time to learn, grow and connect.

I am with you inspirit inside and there are also members from all over the world in our members only secret (to protect your privacy) facebook group.

Members have said it simply invaluable to them the support offered.

Not only that, you have my permission to share with your partner or children you live with, so that they too can also use the Sanctuary to help and support them too - if they are open to it!

(Before you join at this level, keep scrolling to see what is included at Level 2 Membership).


Level 1 Investment:


£11 per Month


"The Earth Angel Sanctuary is such a fabulous resource and I have used it both in times of great distress and also times when I’ve felt inner peace. To me it's about not feeling so alone. Knowing you can connect to others and be completely accepted by them without judgement. The energy clearing videos are fantastic and very effective. The name says it all really. It's a sanctuary in every sense of the word. Thank you so much"

Eddie Rose, UK



Level 2 - Advanced Lightworker 

Get access to ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS:


2-4 Live Calls Each Month*

Join myself on the live calls which are a mixture of energy updates, trainings, healings and clearings. Level 2 members also will get access to the new 'Heal Thy Money Story' Series starting 2019.

Calls are most weeks (except school holidays) and are always interactive, with Q&A, sharings, what's going on currently on the planet and live energy clearings/healings/activations. They are empowering, fun and with takeaways you can action. These are recorded and posted in the Ascension Replays Library.

Heal Thy Past Lives Advanced Energy Clearing Series

This has 8 x 1 hour recordings of advanced clearing (where I work fast with you) to clear past life energy blocks. Calls include Past Life Traumas & Death, Fears, Healing Broken Hearts, Money and Vows.

Past Life Vow Clearing Library

This has 55 past life vow clearing videos for you to work through and clear.

Ascension Replay Library

The Ascension page has recordings from past live calls to help with our own ascension journey. It includes Ascension updates and connecting with your Dragon and your Unicorn, an ascension boost from Archangel Metatron and lots to help and support your personal ascension process. (More info on what's inside here)

Energy MOT

The Energy Meditation of Transformation (M.O.T) has been created like having a 121 session to clear your energy and for you to listen to as often as needed (Value £27)

Chakra Meditation

A guided Chakra Meditation will cleanse, balance and activate each of your 7 main Chakras plus your Soul Star Chakra (which can hold karmic residue) and your Earth Star Chakra (which can hold humanity and planetary energy).

Private Facebook Community

There is nothing like feeling safe and at home in a community of like minded and loving souls. Connect with sanctuary founder Sarah and other members in our private (and secret) members only facebook group. This is an invaluable part of the Sanctuary and a place to connect with soul sisters and brothers.


Join As An Advanced Sanctuary Member

Advanced Membership gives you access to EVERYTHING inside the Sanctuary


£55 per Month


£555 for 12 Months



Level 3 

Bespoke Coaching, Healing and Mentoring with Sarah


If you would like private 1-2-1 support, working with Sarah over a period of time, with the support and love of everything including inside the Sanctuary, will be a way to make the divine transformation in your life possible and inspire you to continue to make positive changes in all areas.

With 2 hours of private 121 time each month, sessions are bespoke and tailored to best support you and your needs. These are by video call (Skype/Messenger) or if willing to travel, in person.

There are 3 options to choose from and full access to everything inside the Sanctuary for that time period.

You are investing in YOU. Just think of how much you could change your life if you are committed and trust you have been led here for a reason.

Limited availability


Oh Sarah Sarah Sarah! What an all out amazing and magical experience in my session with you, I should have done it years ago. The most speedy and effective release that I have ever experienced. To clear lifetimes of blocks, hurts and beliefs in just one hour and come out feeling, and continuing to feel, so empowered is nothing short of a miraculous. Not only that, I have been struggling with trying every protection ritual and feeling as if nothing was fully giving me the protection that I needed and there you are with a suggestion that I have been searching for and longing for… personalized just for my needs and I have never felt so safe and protected.

You are a blessing and a gift to us all. I am thankful for you and gracious to the universe for leading me to you. I love the Sanctuary and all of its wisdom and healing and just when I think it couldn’t be better, you add a video or another amazing group call. And then I also realise they can be even more targeted and personalized by having a one to one session with you, the icing on the cake. Thank you thank you thank you. You have changed my life for I have never felt so light, safe, loved free and empowered.

Jennifer Work Dornself, USA


"I have been a member of the Sanctuary from the start and resources are being added to it all the time. Also you can always ask Sarah to create something specific for you if you have a particular need. It really has been part of my healing journey. There are plenty of tools to help you on there, such as the energy clearings which helps you get rid of the “stuff that no longer serves”, all in a gentle way. I have certainly done this, and it has made a huge difference. It also helps with attracting more of what you want in life.

There are also meditations on there. Recently, a chakra meditation has been added which has now been updated and improved to include the 7 main chakras plus your Earth Star chakra and Soul Star chakra. I have found this to be a really powerful tool, and I believe everyone can benefit from chakra cleansing.

The live calls (with replays) are fantastic. There are extra energy clearings on them and the topics are always relevant. I always learn so much from these and they are always uplifting.

All this makes me feel like part of a community of like-minded people. It’s a safe space to just be yourself. Plus if you have a query (and I always love to know about things!), someone will have the answer!

Sarah is always there to give support. As a member I have seen her grow also and she always shares her experiences, learning and growth with us. We are all on an amazing journey.

I feel so blessed to have the Sanctuary in my life. Thank you Sarah for all you do for us!"

Louise Whorwell, UK

Being an Earth Angel can be tough at times, so when I found the Earth Angel Sanctuary I felt so happy and relieved. The Sanctuary is a gentle space where I feel safe to express my feelings and overcome life's challenges in a positive way. I have really benefited from the clearing videos and am looking forward to exploring the rest of the Earth Angel Sanctuary. There is so much in there! Sarah you are so wonderful. Thank you so much for creating the Sanctuary. I am truly grateful. I listened in to the Live call which is free to members on Friday. I got so much from it. I have used the technique already and will continue to use it. It really works. I went through the full moon ritual last night which was great because I didn't really know what to do. It takes you through it step by step. I listened to the resistance video before as I was aware that I do have resistance. Thank you Sarah In gratitude and Love, Anna"

Anna Mitchell

"It's been a beautiful journey. I started out loving the morning meditation everyday and moon manifesting tips, Then moved onto the energy clearing videos and wonderful free reports and readings. Now I love the group connection and live calls. it was such a relief to find the Sanctuary. I felt so supported in there by your energy and other wise souls, I was now understood and loved, you have all the tools needed to grow and expand and we are still expanding. This group is beautiful how we have all come to a place where we can support each other too. I recommend it to everyone"

Sharon Harding, UK



“I became a member after reading Sarah Rebecca Vine's Earth Angel Realm report, which is free (of charge). Among one of the first things I really wanted to do was to listen to the Past Life Vows audio videos, to clear any negative vows I had made during one of my past lives and that I had carried with me into this one. And I would just say that I find the videos highly effective and easy to use.  At some point I moved forward to using the Emotion Energy Clearing videos, which I also feel are easy to use, and great to have at hand if you ever feel overwhelmed by one or more negative emotions. They will help to release the negative emotion that has risen up to be released. Plus that there are also being held monthly calls within the Sanctuary, which I have found really helpful on my journey and where I have picked up some techniques to make my journey a bit easier. My life is vastly different from before I became a member of the Sanctuary and today.  I would also love to praise the wonderful community over at the Secret Facebook group (which goes under the same name as this website) for being so inspiring to others and highly supportive.  Honestly, I don't think you could ask for a better community with dedicated admins where each member can feel both safe, loved and supported, as they continue to grow on their journey. My highest praises! Also, I love the new layout of the Earth Angel Sanctuary and how much more easier it is to navigate around now! Thank you, I love the atmosphere and support that the Sanctuary provides. It is huge source of inspiration and growth! Always exciting to see what the next step will be."

Camilla Petersen, Norway

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9th May 2018

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Winner - Most Respected in Spiritual Counselling - South East England 2018


Winner - Empowerment Coach of the Year 2017




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