I believe everything happens for a reason and that may be why you find yourself here...

If you are seeking something - empowerment, support, community or healing, with a group of like minded souls, you have come to the right place. I invite you to have a look through this website and feel into it.

The Soul Circle is a sacred place to join me and others on our journey with total love and acceptance.


There is no judgement here, just a safe space for you to be you.

For you to let go of lifetimes of blocks, look within and clear past patterns and grow together with us all.

For you to be empowered, connected and know you are not on your own.

I am by your side and with you inspirit throughout your time here.


This Soul Circle was originally the Earth Angel Sanctuary, which shut its doors in February 2019 after 5 wonderful years. Over 80 of the original videos created for that are now available for FREE on my Earth Angel Facebook Group. If you would like to join and see for yourself, please do.

The Sanctuary accelerated my own personal growth and that of members over the time it run and I am incredibly grateful and appreciative of this and the growth, learnings and connections it has made for myself and others!

It has now evolved into the Soul Circle Sacred Space:

We have weekly group journey calls by zoom to connect and share plus fortnightly live group clearing calls where we delve in deep with different topics and do the clearing and healing work.

Not only that, by joining me in this sacred space, you get access to over 50 powerful replays from past clearing calls!

These include all kinds of topics including ascension, attachments, ego/mind, shadow self, heart, chakras, aura, entities, overlays and lots more.

Plus 4 different series on how you feel about yourself, inner child, others as a mirror and money series.

Plus access to selected archived calls from the Earth Angel Sanctuary which include an 8 part Heal Thy Past Life Series and the Energy MOT.


There is so much available to help, support and empower you in the Soul Circle!


If you would love a no obligation chat with me to find out more and explore if this is something you would like to be part of, please book a complimentary 20 minute call with me here.

The Soul Circle membership is £44 per month however it is also by invitation only.

I would love to welcome you if this resonates and feels right for you.


With peace, love and light to you always,

Sarah xxx

Creator & Founder of the Soul Circle




"I joined the Soul Circle Sacred Space in April 2020 and I'm proud of my decision to do so. My main aim was to release past trauma from narcissistic family and ex partner which I had suppressed. I needed to face my deep rooted pain and negative programming which was drifting me away from my true self and restricted me from achieving my highest potential.

The group hence enabled me to express my feelings and emotions without judgement, which has led to immense growth in my spiritual wellbeing. I've felt the power of energy clearing that have been performed so far and I'm grateful to see the inner peace I have at present.

Sarah is a great healer and her style of clearing has proved healthy for me through her various energy clearing and replays. The one-to-one sessions are ideal as they have allowed a tailored clearing on a personal level, I've benefitted from these as it has cleared my energy from an individually focussed approach. The group functions on a positive energy that sparks enriched mental health and vibrant thoughts. I therefore recommend joining this group as it has helped me through my darkest periods and experience the light and high vibrations I could not see before. Thank you for believing in me when I never believed in myself"

Ian Erentz (Current member)


"I have been a member of the Sanctuary from the start and resources are being added to it all the time. Also you can always ask Sarah to create something specific for you if you have a particular need. It really has been part of my healing journey. There are plenty of tools to help you on there, such as the energy clearings which helps you get rid of the “stuff that no longer serves”, all in a gentle way. I have certainly done this, and it has made a huge difference. It also helps with attracting more of what you want in life.

All this makes me feel like part of a community of like-minded people. It’s a safe space to just be yourself. Plus if you have a query (and I always love to know about things!), someone will have the answer! Sarah is always there to give support. As a member I have seen her grow also and she always shares her experiences, learning and growth with us. We are all on an amazing journey. I feel so blessed to have the Sanctuary in my life. Thank you Sarah for all you do for us!"

Louise Whorwell, UK (Member since 2014)


"I was an original member of the Earth Angel Sanctuary and have continued my journey into the Soul Circle. I first joined the sanctuary as I knew I was a light worker but didn't really understand my purpose or where my place was in this physical world. Before joining I didn't even believe I was worthy of being on this earth and constantly played small and belittled myself, preferring to hide and shrink into the shadows.

What an incredible journey this has been. With the support of Sarah and other members I now thrive and remain ever present in my light. I can now say I love myself and truly mean it. There are no words to describe just how much my life has changed and how blessed, inspired and happy I feel. Everyone in the circle is on their own unique journey and are accepted for who they are without judgement. We walk this journey side by side and it is comforting to know that we are never alone and are able to learn from and be there for each other. I am so incredibly grateful and cannot thank Sarah and the other members enough"

Eddie Rose, UK (Member since 2014)


"Sarah Rebecca Vine and the Earth Angel Sanctuary / Soul Circle have been a huge source of growth, healing, and comfort in my life. When I discovered a few years ago that I’m an Earth Angel, all of a sudden my life made sense. When I found Sarah that same day, I knew I’d met a soul sister and someone who would play an important role in my journey. Through Sarah and the people I’ve met in the group, I have cleared and healed and grown so much.

The group provides a safe space in which to be your uniquely wonderful self. I am so grateful that the angels guided me to Sarah. And I’m equally grateful for all that she does to nurture, support, and teach us as we do the vitally important work we are meant to do on this planet, both for the world and for our own souls’ growth. Bless you, Sarah, for making this all possible."

Alison Mani (Member since 2017)


"I got to know Sarah through a very dear friend of mine, and now I’ve been enjoying the membership of the Soul Circle for about two years. I love being a member of this beautiful soul family, with so many lovely light workers, everyone with their own unique purpose, memories and history, having been here on earth before but also elsewhere; some of us fewer times, others uncountable times. Here we can gather together giving each other love and support.

On our live clearing calls, our main purpose is to deal with the energies and interferences that are acting on a larger scale. We want to create a clear space for everyone in this world, and to make everyone open for light and love, but of course we also deal with things affecting us on a personal level, if necessary. On our Journey calls we focus mainly on our personal experiences. We allow ourselves to talk about whatever comes up. It’s a safe space, where everything is allowed, high or low, nothing is prohibited. We must never forget that we are also very much human beings living in this world, which was also our purpose of coming here, to live as humans, but being light workers also makes us even more perceptible of all kinds of energies.

What I love the most about this wonderful and lovely group is that even though we acknowledge all kinds of heavenly support, we are also aware of that we are actually here as human beings, of our own choice, which sometimes can be almost unbearable because of all the different kinds of influences. But, we are all here together on this journey, and being here is only a phase, even though it is an important phase of course. It is a journey on which we together can influence all other human beings, at the level where they are perceptible, and we are doing it together.

Loads of love to all my soul family and of course to Source, to the light and to love, to all the angels, unicorns and dragons and all kinds of supporters who are always with us."

Jens Malmkvist, Sweden (Current member)




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