Earth Angels in a National Paper

A few weeks back I was contacted by an interviewer from the Daily Mail Femail (the Daily Mail is one of the biggest national newspapers in the UK) about being an Earth Angel on earth and asked to share my story.

This was completely out of the blue and I was amazed that such a large newspaper wanted to run a story on it!

Long story short, I was in the Daily Mail Femail section on Thursday with 3 gorgeous friends of mine who are all earth angels.

It has since been discussed on TV and on radio and has caused more people to talk about it!

There has been a lot of negative comments from the non-believers however I am so grateful and excited about this as it shows that awareness is heightening on the planet!

This is huge as it will help awaken so many who have been unaware that they are earth angels!

Things are changing!!!!

If you would like to read it, you can online here

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