Earth Angel Recommended Resources


We ALL have Dragon Guides and part of myth and legend that dragons guard treasure is true, WE are our dragon's treasure! They love us very much and we are very special and precious to them. They are waiting for us to connect with them and they are here now to support us and the planet through ascension.

In this recording, which is taken from a live call for Earth Angel Sanctuary members, I guide you through connecting with your guardian dragon.

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Every person I have ever worked with and checked has psychic energy attacks, hooks or cords draining their energy (Including myself) Some earth angels have a spirit attached to them and most have their energy scattered.

The Energy Meditation of Transformation (M.O.T) has been created like having a 121 session to clear your energy and for you to listen to as often as needed.

Only £27 - Buy here or for more information go here.


The Healer Heal Thyself is a collection of 5 x 60 minute recordings which lead you through advanced clearings to help you heal yourself first.

Each call covers a different area: healing past life blocks, loving and valuing you, letting go of the how, allowing and reclaiming your power!

Get for free if you join the Sanctuary for the year! More information go here.