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Do you need an Energy M.O.T?


An M.O.T is something we have done regularly on our cars every year in the UK to make sure they run smoothly, change the oil and filters if needed and basically make sure they are in tip top condition.

This Energy M.O.T will do the same for your body and energy!

Imagine having something to clear your energy for you of things you don't need and are certainly not serving you, and then helping you get more in your power?


If you are feeling:

  • Heavy with negative thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • Overwhelmed and burdened
  • All over the place
  • Tired, drained and not knowing why
  • A bit lost and confused on what you need to do or focus on
  • Too many thoughts running round your head
  • Ungrounded


Then this is for you!


The Energy M.O.T is a fantastic tool to listen to daily (to start) and then as often as you need to clear energy that does not belong to you! It will:

  • Clear any psychic energy 'attacks' you have
  • Clear any negative psychic hooks or cords you have
  • Send any spirit attachments to the light
  • Clear out all shards of energy within you that are not yours
  • Call in all your shards of energy that are not with you (cleansing them all first)
  • Will do all the above from this lifetime and ALL past lifetimes, through all realities and dimensions
  • Will clear all blocks that are ready to be released
  • Be a catalyst of deep inner growth
  • Leave you feeling lighter, with more love, clarity and feeling empowered



"The Energy M.O.T worked on every level as it promised (when it came to the removal of spirit attachments, I can tell you that I saw the spirit attached to me in my mind's eye, and saw him fading into the light.) After the Energy M.O.T I felt much lighter, as if weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I will be continuing to listen to it as advised. I thank you."

Camilla Petersen, Norway



What is the Energy M.O.T?


The Energy M.O.T. is a guided energy clearing audio where you can relax and breath along as it clears and transforms your energy for you.

There is a worksheet to go along with the audio, to record your experience and the Energy M.O.T can be used as often as you wish to continue clearing all that is not serving you.

(Please note, this is not a physical product)



"I listened and found it very positive. I felt a great flow of energy in my body especially my arms and the palms of my hands. Which I felt was a very good thing. Coincidentally, I slept well but had the strangest dream which showed the toolbar of a computer flashing, "You have cleared everything." I have indeed been very tired after this and through the day, and I do know I will be clearing more.  Blessings to you, dear Sarah."

Gwen Smith, UK



This is for you if:


  • You want to be free of all energy attacks and hooks in you
  • You want to be free of anything weighing you down
  • You are ready to release the blocks holding you back
  • You feel tired, heavy and burdened with things
  • You are invested in helping yourself first
  • You are ready to have a breakthrough
  • You are ready to get back in your spiritual power


"Wow Sarah, how amazing was that. During the M.O.T, I could feel things leaving my 3rd chakra and tingling things going on. Not sure what it was exactly, must have been blocks that I've been dealing with or something. I almost went to sleep during it. Afterwards I feel great, it’s been a few days since I've done the M.O.T and I can tell the blocks have been lifted and I feel like a new person. Sarah you are truly blessed, your words hold such power. You are truly doing your life purpose and I'm so very grateful for you. In Love and Light, Jennifer."

Jennifer Woods Crowder, USA


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"I listened to Sarah's energy M.O.T last night before bed and I have to say it was amazing. I have had low energy recently. On the questionnaire I scored about a two before the video. I would like to tell you how I felt after but I think I fell asleep as I don't remember the end ha ha ha ha. I slept better than I have done recently and I feel my vibration has lifted today. I will listen to it in a few days. Thank you Sarah for all that you do."

Anna Mitchell, UK


Who Am I?



My name is Sarah Rebecca Vine and I am a Spiritual Empowerment Coach, known as the 'Healer that heals the healers' and founder of the Earth Angel Sanctuary.

As an Advanced Theta Healer, I have worked with many private clients and created videos within the Sanctuary too, to clear psychic and negative attacks and hooks others have. I was guided to create the Energy M.O.T to do that and so much more, as a complete energy overhaul or M.O.T ('Energy Meditation of Transformation') audio and worksheet to assist you in doing just that too!


What others have said experiencing the Energy M.O.T:


"I felt the depth and power of presence of you, your higher self and your team - my team - I had a sense of the great many beings present, ready to 'get to work' shall we say. I found the meditation really easy and lovely to follow and went into it deeply and easily. Now personally for me where you went into psychic attack work, two people in particular came in one after another in relation to this; the second one took up all of the time of the meditation as I was being shown what was going on in my energy field in relation to. What was interesting was that when I was in nature a few days ago and connecting to my higher self I was given the word 'impaler' and remember looking it up. Then I forgot about it, not knowing what it was about. But then, in this mediation it came back in, because this particular person had psychically driven a stake through my heart chakra. So in that space I was consciously able to send my love to this person and all beings involved and did a conscious forgiveness work while this healing was going on for my heart chakra. I experienced almost the rebuilding of my energy and could see in my mind's eye the wound and divine light coming - different textures, colours and beings, brining light into what was a black emptiness where the deepest wound was and then almost weaving and stitching me back together. This is massively significant for me as I'd felt a knot and tightness in my heart for years and have taken all kinds of remedies and not really known what this was about, so thank you. I was aware of the remainder of the M.O.T being about bringing back the shards of yourself and heard your voice, and towards the end of it I was aware of gold light coming into my energy field. I feel this healing will be ongoing for a few days.

I listened to it again this morning. It was interesting to attend to the thoughts and what 'came in / came up' and feel the energy as it was totally different this time, showing me that all that from previous session had completely cleared! I went into a most beautiful relaxing state - this is a wonderful meditation for sleep and relaxation - and was drifting off. This is a great meditation to get you expanded into yourself and connecting with your higher self. Hugs, and love angel. Gratitude as ever."

Charlotte Burn-Callander, UK

"Sarah, Wow! I started listening to this a week ago and I feel major shifts happening and beliefs just showing up that I could not believe I had. I look forward to whatever other doorways open up for me in the coming months that have been blocking me from my full potential until now I have felt like I'm stuck in a cycle of illness that I just can't got off. I look forward to updating my testimonial in the future. Sarah is amazing!!!"

Sharon Harding, UK

"The energy M.O.T by Sarah Rebecca Vine has proven to be a godsend that came to me at exactly the moment I needed it most. Prior to doing the M.O.T I was blocked and struggling in every area of my life and was honestly ready to just give up, however just one session of listening to the M.O.T has reignited my spark and significantly increased my energy and my view of the options that I have available. It has very much proven to be the miracle I was so hoping for. I have no doubt that as I listen to it again over the coming days and weeks that I will continue to clear things and continue to return my true self and my divine connection with source. I cannot recommend this tool highly enough and you will certainly be pleasantly surprised with just how amazing it actually is. So don't hesitate a second longer take the leap and find out for yourself just how amazing the results are.....

Wow the results after the second session have been intense and wonderful. Things have started suddenly powering ahead at a quick rate and are finally heading in a positive direction, so I can't thank you enough."

Alex Lane, Australia


"I absolutely loved the energy M.O.T, I felt completely washed of any negativity and renewed. Sarah did similar to this on our first ever 121 session, which was profound and changed everything for me. This is a must for anyone looking to move forward in their life and their purpose, to remove any blocks, inherited traits, bring back all your lost parts. This is so powerful plus you can listen to over and over to continue deep healing and I cannot recommend this enough."

"The energy M.O.T was really good for me. It came at just the right time. I definitely noticed a shift. During the clearing, I felt a warm sensation on my right side, my shoulder and neck. The feeling also went down to my elbow. I felt like, ok, I’m ready to release whatever needs to go right now. The best part came later on today when I noticed my hips. I have an ongoing battle with tightness in my hips. I was told it has to do with some ancestral issues. So I’m constantly stretching and doing yoga to release that area. Well this evening I noticed, it felt so loose and no stiffness. So something has shifted and left that area. I really do believe that! Thanks for providing this energy tool. I will be using it over and over! Peace."

Carla Moore, North Carolina, USA

"I listened to the M.O.T & I immediately felt a shift, a deep shift that I knew was really working. My chakras felt love, warm and full. I felt energy softly moving with Sarah's nurturing voice in the background of this deep energetic advancement. I recommend this for sleeping especially waking up with calmness and gentleness. I felt it pour throughout my body. Thank you Sarah."

Kristen Cudahy, NY, USA

"I so highly recommend investing in Sarah's Energy M.O.T healing meditation. It is fantastically powerful on so many levels! All that is required is your intention and belief and you can benefit from a deep deep multidimensional healing and clearing experience that can potentially be of great assistance on your journey, especially during these powerful and significant energetic times.
When I received this meditation from Sarah it was at a pivotal point along my healing journey and I know it has been a catalyst for some huge positive transformation since then. I woke the next day feeling instantly lighter and freer on a deep fundamental level. I listened to it again after a week with my two and a half year old daughter before sleep and saw the transformation in my girl immediately the next day ~ her energy was higher, she felt generally happier and the roses in her cheeks were rosier!

Hannah Imogen Jones, author of 'Heaven is in here'

"I have used this for the last three days and have had amazing results. I literally feel like a weight has been lifted off me and feel so much lighter in both my body and spirit. We spend so much time seeing to the needs of others and this has really made me think about myself and what I need. I've found that giving to myself first and loving myself means I have so much more energy to then give to others."

Eddie Rose, UK

"Sarah has created this energy clearing M.O.T which was invaluable to lifting a very heavy feeling and my busy mind. After I completed it I slept really soundly and the coming days I had absolutely clarity and peace in my mind. Will be listening to it regularly, highly recommended!"

Ruth Bradshaw, Marketing Simply Ltd

"I´ve done the Energy M.O.T twice now, and both times I felt much warmer, lighter and relaxed afterwards. Everything felt so much easier and I found myself laughing more. I felt like a new person… The other time I did it I saw a smooth bicycle in the end. It went very fast. ( I use to go by bicycle.) I also felt like coming home. I loved this feeling. Thank you so much! I know I will do the Energy M.O.T many more times in the future.."

M.W. Sweden


Investment £27

(Value £97 - Become a member of the Soul Circle and get it for FREE!)


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The Energy M.O.T. will leave you feeling amazing, lighter, clearer and more in your power.

However, this is deep clearing and your body will only release what is ready to be released and at its own pace.

This will most likely send you to sleep the first time you listen as that is the easiest way for the body to adapt to what is happening.

This will also possibly leave you feeling tired for a few days as you body once again adapts.

This is all totally normal!

This has been designed to be able to listen as often as you need initially, until you can listen and stay awake! It has also been designed so that you can drift of to sleep afterwards. The more you listen, the more will release as we only do so as much as we are ready to.


"I listened to it last night before bed and it was very calming. I did start to fall asleep a little but woke back up. My left shoulder blade and mid-back area hurt before I started and after I was done they felt better. Still hurt when I stretched my arm but when I put my arm back down the pain went away and it had been hurting me all day no matter what I was doing. I got the message that I had given my energy away when I gave to others Friday night. And I need to learn to give to myself and take better care of myself on a consistent basis. Thank you so much for this. I loved how short and relaxing it was and that I didn't need to have a reason to start it and that I could find the reason as I used it. I have a theta healing recording which is 1.5-2hrs long but you must know what you are planning to shift first. I find I have a hard time finding the time for it. This is much more convenient. Thank you. Lots of love to you xx"

Jennifer Paquin, USA

"The Energy M.O.T by Sarah Rebecca Vine will quickly take you into a state where you can relax and release anything that is holding you back and causing you problems. Our minds and bodies need to be nurtured and cared for, and this audio is short enough to fit into your weekly routine and help you to shed your baggage and really shine. I use the Energy M.O.T as part of my self-care routine, and it has helped me to realise that I need to take good energetic care of myself so I can keep running smoothly!"

Michelle Gordon, author of The Earth Angel Training Academy

"I have listened to the energy M.O.T and I found it really good. I have listened to it twice now.  I found the Protection and grounding part very reassuring. I did feel that things were being released especially the second time I listen to it. After I had listened I felt refreshed and felt I had a bit more energy. Thank you for letting me listen to this xx"

Kerrie Marie Rowberry, UK

"Very rarely in life does one come across someone so absolutely brilliantly able to truly help and support others in such a gentle, precise and successful way as Sarah Rebecca Vine manages to achieve, effortlessly. I have been working with her and using her meditations and products for five years now and she always delivers.

This week I listened to her new M.O.T audio recording and I was immediately able to join in with the full depth of the meditation and go with it. The benefits I received form this were that I fell asleep afterwards and woke up feeling different. And for the days afterwards I could feel the changes occurring within me from it. I recommend Sarah to so many of my friends, and via this testimonial, to strangers.

Sarah is always my go-to person when I am feeling down or in need of a boost, or for more strategized help with my career, or my wellbeing. The world would be a much better place if everyone used Sarah’s products to help them heal and for personal development. So privileged to know and work with Sarah. Thank you."

Sue Cook, BSc (Hons) Lic LCCH, UK

"Thanks Sarah for the Energy MOT. I found it very relaxing, and certain "issues" bubbled up and were released. I always feel lighter after doing such "exercises". I'm looking forward to doing it again to clear more. Thank you."

Louise Whorwell, UK

"Hi Sarah, I just want to share with you what happened since I listened to the Energy M.O.T. I couldn't fall asleep the night Wed/Thu. I felt tired and sleepy all day on Thu. My head and body was heavy. I listened to it on Thursday evening in bed. It was before 9 pm and I fell asleep immediately after the breathing and during visualising the chakra colours. I slept very well all night without waking up. I remember a moment during the night when my inner voice told me in English (!) something similar to: I am opening now for the positive vibrations. Can't remember the exact words just the meaning and the word: sparkle. Actually I saw sparkles in my chest. On Friday I felt very good. Something should have happened. I felt blessed and like in a fairy tale. This morning I woke up early around 5.10 am and recalled a childhood memory when I fell off my bed when I was 6 months or so. While recalling this memory I was laughing aloud for 5 minutes, my tears were rolling down and had waves that made me laugh. I feel more positive, emotional but stronger. Little tired, dizzy, but I guess it's the process and the changing weather conditions, too. I think I will listen to it once a week or every second week since it's really powerful and I need breaks to adjust. Thank you so much Sarah for this clearing. This is such a blessing and I feel very happy to be in this group and we all together to have the powerful connection to help this world. It's amazing being part of it! Big hugs and kisses."

Marianna Nackana, Hungary

"I did the energy MOT and felt thoroughly at peace with myself. It was so relaxing I wanted to keep sitting in the quiet. Afterwards I did feel an increase in my energy levels. Sarah offered this to me just at the right time as I had been running my energy levels down so thank you Sarah for making perfect timing! I have also listened to it a couple of times since. I put it on while going to bed and fell asleep immediately so hopefully it will be working just as effectively while I am sleeping. I would recommend the energy MOT to anyone that wants to up their energy levels or who wants to work on themselves. Thank you so much Sarah!"

Claire Huntley, UK

"What an experience Sarah! When i describe it, it sounds intense but it was actually peaceful and filled with unconditional love."

Jennifer Work Dornseif, USA


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Sarah Rebecca Vine is an Inspirational Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Mentor and Theta Energy Healer.
She has been working with, inspiring and helping thousands of Earth Angels, Lightworkers, Coaches, Therapists and Healers worldwide for over 9 years.

Known as 'The Healer of the Healers', Sarah created and built the Earth Angel Sanctuary (with love) on 14th February 2014 as a way to be 'inspirit' with worldwide those who are already on or about to start their spiritual inner growth journey.

Created to Empower, Heal, Teach, Share, Grow and Evolve Members, the Earth Angel Sanctuary provides live weekly calls and a library of over 200 videos and audios plus a sacred loving space to be accepted, connect and belong.


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You must understand that while an energy healing approach is a safe self-treatment method, with a substantial body of clinical experience showing no serious side-effects when properly administered, it is possible, with any form of healing, that unresolved memories and related emotions and sensations may be brought into your awareness. It is possible that this emotional material may continue to surface. It is also possible that previously traumatic memories may lose their emotional charge, and this could adversely affect your ability to provide legal testimony that carries the same impact as it might have prior to treatment.