How do I know if the is for Sanctuary for me?


I don't know about you but I believe in 'Divine timing' and a massive clue is that you have found this! Even if you have only just 'discovered' you are an earth angel and are new to all this, this is perfect for you as a starting ground with the Level 1 - Earth Angel Basics.

It covers all of the basics and is full of energy clearing videos where all you have to do is give your permission for the energy to be cleared for you. It also has Empowerment Tutorials and calls to help you be able to clear things yourself, connect deeper with your higher self and learn techniques that you can also use with others. Plus replays of the majority of past calls and facebook members only group access.

This is also perfect for you if you have already been working on you for years and use to personal and spiritual growth with the Level 2 - Advanced Lightworker.

If you have gifts opening up/getting stronger and need some guidance to support you. If you already help others, or would like to, with your unique offering and gifts. It is a high frequency safe space to go within and have some time for you for healing, peace or support you in the moment and shift your energy. We are in a time of ascension and there is much to support you inside with this.

This is also perfect if you want to connect with like minded souls, just like you! The live calls are an invaluable part of the Sanctuary, as is the secret members only Facebook group which is for all levels of membership offered. It is a journey not a destination and is so much more easy and comforting with connection to your spiritual family you just love and accept you.


Can I share this with my family?



Yes. An added benefit of the Sanctuary that is for you and your family that live with you. There is so much inside and I know how much I love and want to help my own family. Therefore, you have permission to share with your partner and/or children that you have living with you in your home, and for them to use any part of the Sanctuary that would support them too.


How much is it?


Many members have said the Sanctuary is 'invaluable' to them for their inner growth and connection which affects all areas of their lives. And there must always be an energy exchange and I see it as a 'Request for Appreciation'

There are different Monthly Membership options as we are all unique and need different support.

Level 1 - Earth Angel Beginner is £11 a month (30 days)

This is for YOU to choose what is most affordable for you. It is offered in this way as money is a massive issue for so many earth angels (I know so well myself) and therefore I want to make accessible to as many as I can.

Level 2 - Advanced Lightworker is £55 a month (30 days) or £555 for 12 months (saving of £105)

Level 3 - Advanced Mentoring has everything included in the Sanctuary PLUS 2 hours of private session with Sarah each month. (limited availability)

This is available for 3, 6 or 12 months including full Sanctuary access.

Membership will never increase whilst you are a paying member - what this means is that even if the monthly membership increases, what you signed up at never will, whilst you remain a paying member.


What happens when I sign up?


You will be emailed how to set up your unique membership log in information once you have paid. Please email support@earthangelsanctuary.com if you do not receive an email within 24 hours

You then just need to revisit this page to log in (in the menu bar) to have instant access. You are greeted by the Welcome page and video for new members. This tells you important dates and times for live calls what's been recently added to the Sanctuary and how to join the private members only Facebook group.

Please look out for an email from sarah@earthangelsanctuary.com and save it to your contacts (check junk/spam mail). This will be the email that all Sanctuary news is emailed from.


What will I expect to see in the sanctuary once I join?


You will be greeted by the welcome page which shares some important information, a welcome video plus all that has been recently added and important dates for that month.

You have immediate access to everything included on the 'What's Inside' page.

There are live calls each month with Sanctuary founder Sarah Rebecca Vine. These include laser coaching and energy clearings. As the Sanctuary is constantly 'growing', each month there are new videos and additions added.


What if it isn’t for me?


No problem, you are not tied in and just need to cancel your membership any time through your Paypal account.

Level 1 Investment:


£11 per Month


Level 2 - Advanced Membership

Advanced Membership gives you access to EVERYTHING inside the Sanctuary


£55 per Month


£555 for 12 Months


Any more questions?


Please do email me at sarah@earthangelsanctuary.com any more questions you have about membership/joining. I am totally here for you to support you and love getting to know each member more personally.



Please know, if you feel called and want to be part of the Sanctuary but are having financial difficulties, please do email me sarah@earthangelsanctuary.com with your situation, why you feel you need to be part and what IS affordable for you each month as an exchange.



"The Earth Angel Sanctuary is such a fabulous resource and I have used it both in times of great distress and also times when I’ve felt inner peace. To me it's about not feeling so alone. Knowing you can connect to others and be completely accepted by them without judgement. The energy clearing videos are fantastic and very effective. The name says it all really. It's a sanctuary in every sense of the word. Thank you so much"

Eddie Rose, UK

"It's been a beautiful journey. I started out loving the morning meditation everyday and moon manifesting tips, Then moved onto the energy clearing videos and wonderful free reports and readings. Now I love the group connection and live calls. it was such a relief to find the Sanctuary. I felt so supported in there by your energy and other wise souls, I was now understood and loved, you have all the tools needed to grow and expand and we are still expanding. This group is beautiful how we have all come to a place where we can support each other too. I recommend it to everyone"

Sharon Harding, UK

"The Earth Angel Sanctuary an incredible resource that's aided my growth and development in ways I never could've imagined when I first joined, as well as being a safe, caring and loving community of like minded Earth Angels of all realms that have been a constant source of support, connection and love"

Alex Lane, Australia


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