Some Love For You

Some Love for you!

Being human is not easy, we all know that unfortunately.

We are all at different stages, know different things, have different challenges, problems, fears and worries.

Please do not judge yourself in this moment.

Just accept you, forgive yourself.

I just want to remind you

You are so loved and adored exactly as you are

You always have a connection to Source/God/Universe, your angels, guides, even if you feel you are all alone.

They are always there

There is simply so much love and total acceptance for you

No judgement at all, just pure love.

Take a few minutes to breathe into and feel that now

And if you can’t yet feel it:

Take some deep breathes, surrendering and breathing out any thoughts, worries, and emotions on the exhales.

On the inhales, keep breathing in the love that surrounds you (its there)

A suggestion is to affirm ‘I surrender all’ on the exhale or whatever words feel right to you

And affirm ‘I am loved’ on the inhales.

Stop, be present for a few minutes and give that gift to you.

And I’m sending love to you too.


Peace, love and light to you always 

Sarah xxx