Update Since Christmas

I have had huge personal shifts and growth since the beginning of this year.

I found out my ex is gong to be a dad again in January, this brought up a lot to deal with and I am so grateful to say I am in a place of total peace about it.

I have been preparing my children and staying positive about as they have only just found out themselves and they feel secure, loved and happy no matter what.

I also turned 40 in March and could feel a massive internal shift in myself.

It was very significant to me.

I shared a post on my facebook about what I had learnt to date here

I have been dedicated to staying in my heart space as often as I can and dealing with things swiftly as they come up for me and I’m in the happiest place I have ever been.

In fact I am totally surrendered to everything and instead of focusing on setting goals (which I haven’t now for as long as I can remember) I have been intending to have more peace, love, fun, adventure and happiness in my life instead.

I have no idea what the future holds however I am totally open to allow the Universe to guide me.

I have been working very hard within the Earth Angel Sanctuary too, facilitating (so far) 6 calls going into depth on the Earth Angel Essential Basics we all need to know.

Plus 7 calls (so far) in an advanced healing series on Healing Our Past Lives – clearing traumas, fears (there are a lot we can have from past lives and affect us to this day), broken hearts and vows.

I will be facilitating last call in the series next week.

The Sanctuary offers a library of resources for all earth angels, no matter if you have just discovered you are one or known for a long time and done a lot of inner work already. Plus we have our sacred and secret (to protect privacy) fb group just for members to deepen connection with others.

I feel so very blessed to have created such a wonderful and powerful place for earth angels to learn, grow, heal and connect. 

It was created with love and a way to share everything I can and be inspirit with you.

If you feel drawn to be part, please do check the Sanctuary out and what it offers to see if it resonates with you right now.

Remember you are not on your own and if you are ready to start learning and healing you first, the Sanctuary and I am here for you.


My life at the moment is pretty crazy, in a good way, and I am so grateful for everything I have ever done, all the lives I have already touched and everything the future may hold.

I am committed to my own inner healing and growth as always and to be the person I am here to be.

The universe will keep bringing stuff up for us to deal with and its getting very uncomfortable for some as we are in accelerated healing times with the shift happening on the planet.

Please know if you need help it is out there.

Go with the teachers you feel drawn too, the things that are right for you now and now you have everyone ‘upstairs’ rooting for you, cheering you on and always sending you so much love.



Peace, love and light to you always

Sarah xxx