Vow of Invisibility

I recorded this for Sanctuary members and felt like I needed to share with everyone!


You are not here to be perfect!!!

Ever thought you can't be an 'earth angel' as you are far from perfect... watch this!

2016 has been huge, please be easy on yourself!

Its been a huge year so please be easy on yourself! So much craziness going on around us and for us... Give yourself permission to surrender and do what you need!

You are Valuable!

Never doubt how valuable you are! No matter what life has put you through, please know that you are loved and valuable

Doubt You Make A Difference?

Watch this energy clearing video to help you shift this doubt because YOU make a huge difference! And thank you for being here and watching this.

Feeling Fear?

Watch this to help you shift that and choose Love instead. (For best results, please focus on a specific fear as you watch)


Sanctuary Contributor Michelle Gordon


Short interview with Michelle talking about her amazing 'Earth Angel Training Academy' books and how they came about.

Live Hangout with Michelle, talking all about twin flames, which are featured heavily in the Earth Angel Training Academy books.


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