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If you would like to discover your Earth Angel Realm, I invite you to request my FREE report (originally in 2009 and updated in 2014 after completing Doreen Virtue's Realm Reader Course). This has detailed information on the core realms and mixed hybrid realms.

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Visualize yourself being surrounded in a bubble of pink light in your minds eye.

Imagine this pink light of love surrounding you and immersing you in the energy of love, washing away and dissolving any resistances to that love
(any past hurts, wounds, loss, grievance, loneliness, pain, isolation, grief, etc)

Breathe in deeply and imagine and feel this light entering into your body, being absorbed into every cell, nourishing and soothing you with the wondrous healing power of love.

Continue to breathe in deeply for a few minutes and bathe in this vibration of love.

You can also imagine putting people you love or objects (such as your home or car) in a pink bubble to send them love and can be especially useful to use with a negative person as it sends loving energy outwards and inwards.

Loving Reminders For You

You are not here to be perfect!!!

If you ever doubt that you are not 'good enough' to call yourself or even be an earth angel or light worker, because you have made mistakes or bad decisions in the past, please watch this.

Let this loving reminder, remind you that you are not here to be perfect, because I certainly am not and you do not have to be.

You are Valuable!

Do you ever doubt how valuable you are or the value you bring to the world? No matter what life has put you through, know that you are loved and valuable! Watch this loving reminder to help you remember that.

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