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"Sarah Rebecca Vine and the Earth Angel Sanctuary / Soul Circle have been a huge source of growth, healing, and comfort in my life. When I discovered a few years ago that I’m an Earth Angel, all of a sudden my life made sense. When I found Sarah that same day, I knew I’d met a soul sister and someone who would play an important role in my journey. Through Sarah and the people I’ve met in the group, I have cleared and healed and grown so much. The group provides a safe space in which to be your uniquely wonderful self. I am so grateful that the angels guided me to Sarah. And I’m equally grateful for all that she does to nurture, support, and teach us as we do the vitally important work we are meant to do on this planet, both for the world and for our own souls’ growth. Bless you, Sarah, for making this all possible."

Alison Mani (current member since Nov 2017)

"I was very hesitant before joining the sanctuary. I had made disappointing experiences in the past and was afraid that it would also end the same way. Now however, I am glad that I made the decision to join and it is one of the best I ever made. Never before have I felt so safe, so secure, so appreciated for what and who I am, and never before have I met so many good and nurturing souls as in the sanctuary. Sarah did so much more than create a place to go to, it's much more a state of mind to be in, and I can't thank her enough for it."

Bernhard Hager, Austria (current member since Aug 2016)

"I have been with Sarah since the Earth Angel Sanctuary which has now evolved into the Soul Circle. I have been able to heal so much stuff, whether this be from this life, past life, ancestral etc, and this has made a huge difference to me and allowed me to get on more with what I came here to do. I have also had some 1-2-1's with Sarah and these are for when you want to dig deeper, and as Sarah says she likes "to get the roots out" of an issue. Once it's gone, it's gone. It really is so liberating to be rid of "issues" that can be holding us back. So combined with the healing we get during the live calls and the 1-2-1's, we then come more into our own power and get back to who we really are.

It's also so great to feel part of a community which is hugely important for light workers as we can often feel alone, but also particularly at challenging times when it is important to connect in with your "tribe".

Sarah covers so many different topics, all of them fascinating and relevant to our journey, and she is constantly updating her knowledge. Thank you so much Sarah, huge appreciation for what you do."

Louise Whorwell, UK (Member since June 2014)

"I had been a busy member of Sarah's Earth Angels group on facebook for quite a long while and had enjoyed the sharing and peace I was receiving from all the lovely members, then a few months ago I joined the Sanctuary, I was not sure of what to expect, I knew I had gifts but did not really know how to access or use them. The first thing I noticed as I looked around the sanctuary was the love that felt present, I checked out videos on how to learn just about all I would need, a bit like tools in a tool box. I joined in with a live call and was made to feel so welcome, I asked or suggested I might find it all a little overwhelming but I was soon assured by Alex and Sarah that we are all in a different place in our journey and all members had been where I was standing now! Wow that helped so much and I relaxed and joined in, I learn so much from the live calls and am always surprised at how wonderful all that we have coming is so awesome. I have come on in leaps and bounds and Sarah has always been there to encourage and nurture, I know without being a member I would still feel confused and slightly lost. Thank you Sanctuary members and guests, and a huge thank you to Sarah for all her love, spiritual passion, time and effort she puts in for all of us to learn from, if your serious about learning or you run your own small light worker business, this is a must for you.. xxx Namaste dear friends xxx Love & hugs xxx"

James Paddon, UK (Member since Jan 2017)

"Your youtube video "What is an Earth Angel & are you one?" saved me falling from earth to hell. With the introduction of Sanctuary I felt I am not alone and not crazy with my stories and experiences, that I belong to a group of like-minded people. It is a family where we can share our inner self and feel safe at the same time, learn and grow and to add loving energies to the world. With the help of the Sanctuary i'm doing my best to live on this earth as we do here in this Sanctuary. Thank you Sarah and thank you all for being here!"

Marianna Nackina, Hungary (member since Feb 2014)

"I was an original member of the Earth Angel Sanctuary and have continued my journey into the Soul Circle. I first joined the sanctuary as I knew I was a light worker but didn't really understand my purpose or where my place was in this physical world. Before joining I didn't even believe I was worthy of being on this earth and constantly played small and belittled myself, preferring to hide and shrink into the shadows.  What an incredible journey this has been. With the support of Sarah and other members I now  thrive and remain ever present in my light. I can now say I love myself and truly mean it. There are no words to describe just how much my life has changed and how blessed, inspired and happy I feel. Everyone in the circle is on their own unique journey and are accepted for who they are without judgement. We walk this journey side by side and it is comforting to know that we are never alone and are able to learn from and be there for each other. I am so incredibly grateful and cannot thank Sarah and the other members enough"

Eddie Rose, UK (member since Feb 2014)


“I became a member after reading Sarah Rebecca Vine's Earth Angel Realm report, which is free (of charge). Among one of the first things I really wanted to do was to listen to the Past Life Vows audio videos, to clear any negative vows I had made during one of my past lives and that I had carried with me into this one. And I would just say that I find the videos highly effective and easy to use.  At some point I moved forward to using the Emotion Energy Clearing videos, which I also feel are easy to use, and great to have at hand if you ever feel overwhelmed by one or more negative emotions. They will help to release the negative emotion that has risen up to be released. Plus that there are also being held monthly calls within the Sanctuary, which I have found really helpful on my journey and where I have picked up some techniques to make my journey a bit easier. My life is vastly different from before I became a member of the Sanctuary and today.  I would also love to praise the wonderful community over at the Secret Facebook group (which goes under the same name as this website) for being so inspiring to others and highly supportive.  Honestly, I don't think you could ask for a better community with dedicated admins where each member can feel both safe, loved and supported, as they continue to grow on their journey. My highest praises! Also, I love the new layout of the Earth Angel Sanctuary and how much more easier it is to navigate around now! Thank you, I love the atmosphere and support that the Sanctuary provides. It is huge source of inspiration and growth! Always exciting to see what the next step will be."

Camilla Petersen, Norway

"It's been a beautiful journey. I started out loving the morning meditation everyday and moon manifesting tips, Then moved onto the energy clearing videos and wonderful free reports and readings. Now I love the group connection and live calls. it was such a relief to find the Sanctuary. I felt so supported in there by your energy and other wise souls, I was now understood and loved, you have all the tools needed to grow and expand and we are still expanding. This group is beautiful how we have all come to a place where we can support each other too. I recommend it to everyone"

Sharon Harding, UK

"The Earth Angel Sanctuary an incredible resource that's aided my growth and development in ways I never could've imagined when I first joined, as well as being a safe, caring and loving community of like minded Earth Angels of all realms that have been a constant source of support, connection and love"

Alex Lane, Australia

"It’s so wonderful being a part of the Earth Angel Sanctuary. I came across Sarah and the sanctuary at the exact time when I needed it the most. It’s helped me so much with inner growth and realizing who I truly am. I could feel myself getting stronger and becoming more intuitively aware as I spent time watching the techniques in the videos from the Sanctuary.

There is a wonderful selection of instructional videos for clearing, balancing and aligning your energy field. It has been such a great resource for me. It’s also so good to have a connection of like spirited individuals to chat with on a routine basis in the facebook group and on the monthly calls. I’m so happy that being a member of the sanctuary has been part of my journey, for learning, receiving and exploring."

Carla Moore, USA

Being an Earth Angel can be tough at times, so when I found the Earth Angel Sanctuary I felt so happy and relieved. The Sanctuary is a gentle space where I feel safe to express my feelings and overcome life's challenges in a positive way. I have really benefited from the clearing videos and am looking forward to exploring the rest of the Earth Angel Sanctuary. There is so much in there! Sarah you are so wonderful. Thank you so much for creating the Sanctuary. I am truly grateful. I listened in to the Live call which is free to members on Friday. I got so much from it. I have used the do the opposite technique already and will continue to use it. It really works. I went through the full moon ritual last night which was great because I didn't really know what to do. It takes you through it step by step. I listened to the resistance video before as I was aware that I do have resistance. Thank you Sarah In gratitude and Love, Anna"

Anna Mitchell

"From the moment I read Sarah Rebecca Vine's free pdf about Earth Angels, I could feel her loving and warm energy coming through, and I felt as though I had come home. I was eager to join the Earth Angel Sanctuary and discover how much Sarah has given of herself to help empower other Earth Angels. It is a wonderful and enriching group to connect with. I also chose to do 121 sessions with Sarah privately because I had been going through a very hard time and needed divine wisdom and guidance. Her compassionate understanding with zero judgment once again made me feel right at home. From the beginning, Sarah helped me clear layers of emotional and energetic debris, so that I could be free of them. With each session, burdensome feelings began to lift off me and I could feel lighter again. She is a gift to our planet, an absolute treasure who guides us all to discover our treasures within. Her service is of immeasurable value. Most definitely worthwhile."

Sarita Coren, US

"I have been a member of the Earth Angel Sanctuary over several years and Sarah has poured a lot of love into providing videos and material to assist with one's continuing development towards awareness and gratitude. I love the regular group calls; very powerful and the good thing is, they are interactive, not just a lecture over the phone but proper participation for anyone who wishes to do sI particularly love the Chakra Clearing Meditation as well as the Energy M.O.T transformational meditation (which I got as a bonus for being a member) as both are clearly designed as tools to help my personal healing process and to unblock many of the unwanted accumulated blockages. I appreciate Sarah's work very much!"

Erwin Schaefer, London UK

I first bumped into Sarah during the winter of 2010.  We both already 'knew' each other, something deep inside recognised “a something” in us both. Sarah is so gifted and uses a hybrid of amazing advanced healing techniques which she is constantly perfecting, resulting in powerful shifts of energy and blockages that hold us back from being all that we truly are and have yet to dream of.  What treasures are in store for those willing to take a leap into a more compelling future? You’ll never know what you are missing…. until you do know!  Everything you will need for your journey to success can be found at The Earth Angel Sanctuary…….. Go take a peak!




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