Sarah Rebecca Vine

Founder of Earth Angels on Facebook and Creator of the Soul Circle Sacred Space.


Bless you and thank you for finding out a little more about me!

I am a very down to earth, real and honest person. I am a mummy, I live with my adorable children Angel and Evan in Essex in the UK with our cat Magic. I am very family orientated and love to paint, mainly sacred geometry. I am just a 'normal' yet very 'positive and inspiring person' to most people...

However I am also known as the 'Healer of  Healers’ as I am an expert in clearing conscious and unconscious beliefs, past life and inherited fears, blocks and traumas, attachments, vows and contracts and so much more.  I have worked with earth angels and light workers from all over the world for the past 12 years.

I am a very old soul and know some stuff about myself with all my learning and experience over the years. I am from the master angelic realm and called ‘the Angel of Destiny’ by my dear friend and author Michelle Gordon. I was here in Lemuria, Atlantis and many, many times throughout our history on Earth and in many other dimensions. There's a lot more I could share however I'll save that for inside the Sanctuary!

I am an Empowerment Coach, as I LOVE to empower others, an Energy Alchemist as I do all kinds of advanced energy clearing, a Spiritual Teacher as I teach and share all that I know and learn plus forever a student myself.

The more I know, the more I know how little I know! Which is also ironic as I also realise how much I do know and want to share with others.

My focus is on peace, love, growth and contribution.

My desire to be of bigger service to help as many earth angels awaken and ascend as I could led me to create the Sanctuary as a sacred space whilst by son Evan was a baby and my daughter Angel was a toddler.  I have too much to share and so much to help empower others and this is a way to share my knowledge and gifts, provide a high vibration place for healing and connect like minded souls.

I shared the Sanctuary with the world, which felt like a birthing process for me, on Valentine's day 14th February 2014. It started off with just 15 videos and grew exponentially, like I have myself. Inside the Sanctuary I am with you ‘inspirit’, which is what I called my coaching business when I set out - Inspirit Coaching back in 2008.

In March 2019, I closed the Earth Angel Sanctuary 'doors' and put over 80 videos into my free earth angel group on Facebook (of energy clearing different emotions and empowerment tutorials) so they could help and support others in there.  As I had evolved, I also evolved the Sanctuary into the 'Soul Circle Sacred Space'. This has once again been the most magnificent journey for myself and members as we continue to do the inner soul work and create an empowered community.

Little bit of history, I had an 'awakening' when I was 3/4 years old and 'started' my personal and spiritual development journey over 25 years ago. I have worked intensively on myself since I took a massive leap of faith back in 2008 and got myself into tens of thousands of debt! Studying, learning, healing, forgiving, releasing, doing both the inner and outer work.

I have built a business from scratch not having a clue just the love and burning desire to do whatever it takes and trust. I have had to face some of my biggest fears and make myself 'seen', I am naturally a very private person. I have scared myself and gone into overwhelm more times than I remember.

It's not been easy, far from it. There has been many times I desperately just wanted to go home'. I have been lost and overwhelmed more times than I care to remember and it's been dark and depressing and very heavy at times.

I've had curve balls from the Universe and near misses for financial and emotional breakdowns. Money is a big issue when you have a spiritual based business. It has challenged me to my core and yet, I keep going.

And I am so grateful for all my growth, experiences, learning, awareness, healing and all that I have been able to share with others and transformations I have witnessed. I would take the same roads again as everything has made me who I am today.

I listen to my heart and my intention is to stay permanently in it. I class the all the angels and ascended masters as my friends and I am so blessed and grateful to be connected and supporting, as well as being supported myself back, by all the beautiful soul sisters and brothers that are within the Soul Circle.

I would love to welcome you if it feels right to you.


With peace, love and light to you always,

Sarah xxx

Featured in the Daily Mail Femail - 9th May 2018 - Click here for online story

Featured on ITV This Morning with Holly and Phil! - 23rd May 2018

WINNER - Most Respected in Spiritual Counselling - South East England 2018

WINNER - Empowerment Coach of the Year 2017